Customized Hydraulic Presses and Broaching Machines


machineThe activity of Construcciones Mecánicas LIZUAN, S.A. is centered in the processes of design, development, manufacture and trading of Hydraulic Presses and Broaching Machines, taking into account that almost all the machines manufactured by LIZUAN are especially customized machines.

In its manufacturing range it is also possible to find the Hydraulic Straightening Press. This is a type of machine that LIZUAN is manufacturing since its origins and that it is maintained in the fabrication line in order to give an answer to a market demand, which finds suppliers difficultly.


These are the services that LIZUAN offers to customers:

  • Consultancy in order to choose the suitable machine.
  • Technical support during all the project's phase.
  • Technical Assistance Service (TAS).
  • Documentation concerning products and catalogues.

Competitive Advantage

In addition to a wide experience in the processes of design and development of our products, we have some competitive advantages among which we must emphasize the following ones:

  • A wide flexibility when it comes to adapting the machines to the specific needs of each customer.
  • A large and a complete range of products.
  • The high quality of our products.

Sectors which we work for

The LIZUAN machines satisfy to customers from so different sectors like: foundry, automotive industry, typing, wind energy, electrical domestic equipment and tunnels of washing / drying for industrial laundry. Nationally consolidated, nowadays we export our own manufactured products to a lot of different countries in the five continents, such as: France, Germany, Czechia, Eslovakia, Mexico, Colombia, India and Portugal.


In its eagerness to colaborate and optimize the benefit for the corporation and for the customers, LIZUAN joined the Machine-Tool Manufacturers' Association of Spain (AFM) and the Machine-Tool Consortium for Transferring Educational Technology (PROSCHOOLS).

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